Affinity Manpower Services HR was established in 2019 to provide some much-needed HR expertise to the small and medium-sized business community. With the full range of services we provide, we have helped business owners, directors, managers, and CEO’s overcome the problems associated with managing people and keeping up to date with workplace legislative requirements.

Organisations want custom made approaches which take into consideration the commercial and business aspects rather than just a process defined response. In an ever-changing business environment, it has become more essential to be able to quickly adapt structurally with business needs in an agile environment. It’s also about flexibility, remaining agile and ensuring solutions are bespoke. To reach on top of the HR, one needs to be a strategic thinker, strong influencer and a decisive decision maker. Those at the top of Affinity HR functions are collaborative and build strong relationships with senior management and employees across the business. However, despite all the additional benefits of technology, such as automated systems, we must remember that we are dealing with people and sometimes a more pragmatic personal approach goes a lot further.

Today, we pride ourselves on providing cost-effective business solutions for managing HR. Our clients typically do not require full-time HR Managers or their HR team has specific outsourcing requirements for set functions or one-off projects.

If managing people, policy, workplace legislation or compliance is not your area of expertise or you need extra assistance, we can help.

We do this by:

  • Working with you at your place of business or off-site to achieve the results you want
  • Getting to know your business, your staff, and your individual needs
  • Evaluating your current culture and practices to develop HR strategies that support your business vision and goals
  • Providing practical advice based on technical knowledge and expertise
  • Providing next generation technology to automate and streamline your HR practices
  • Managing your HR responsibilities for you, letting you get on with managing your business
  • Delivering tangible outcomes

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